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  • Mount Agung Trekking IDR 700.000/pax

    Mount Agung trekking

    Mount Agung trekking

  • Mount Batur trekking IDR 450.000/Pax

    Mount Batur trekking

    Mount Batur trekking

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Mount Agung trekking

Mount Agung sunrise trekking

The view of sunrise from the peak of mount agung

This trip is for those of you who like to get in touch with the nature and spirituality.

We will start by pick up in your hotel at 12.00am and drive you to pasar agung temple where the most popular route begin. The local expert guide is already waiting and ready to accompany and guide you to explorer the most highest and active volcano in bali. during the trekking you will see the black sand and lava that erupted on 1963. see also amazing sunrice from the peak of mount agung. Gunung Agung or Mount Agung is the sacred and highest active volcano in Bali. The peak of this volcano is posible to see in every part of bali. its is not recomend to climb this volcano without accompany by expert guide because people get lost and never been found. There is two popular route to climb this volcano. The popular route is begin from: Pasar Agung Temple { Selat village } this route much more easy and take only 3 hours to reach the peak of Mount Agung.
The second route begin from The Mother Temple of Besakih, This route is much more hard or more challange its take approximately 4 – 5 hours to reach the peak. Now is up to you which route would you like to challage? For the climber Mount Agung is more harder to climb than Mount Batur. you will get amazing experience before leave bali by exploring mount Agung

Price : IDR 600.000/person { Begin from Pasar Agung temple route}
Price : IDR 700.000/person { Begin from Besakih temple route } Price included :
AC Car transfer with driver
– Professional climbing guide
– Safety equipment
– Torch
– Breakfast
– Drinking water



Mount Agung and Besakih mother temple

Mount Agung in distance view from Ubud

Mr Wayan mediana and son with the backround of Mount Agung & Mt Batur

This sacred mountain is to the Balinese what Olympus was to the ancient Greeks – The cosmic Mountain. The Balinese, who consider this volcano “The Navel of the world” always sleep with their heads toward Agung. The mystical Balinese believe the mountain was raised by the gods as a vantage point to view the unceasing pageant of life below. To them, It’s a central, heavenly point of reference, the geographical and religious center of the world. with an elevation of { 3,142 meters before the 1963 eruption },The foot of the mountain stretches northeast right to the sea. To the southeast its slope is blocked by a line of small extinct volcanos; to the northwest Mount Agung is seperated from Mount Batur by a narrow valley.
When you fly into Bali, you’ll see the shadowy outline of the giant blue-black mountain dominating the landscape. Early in the morning its peak can be seen poking through the clouds from almost any part of Bali. Whether in the bright sunshine or moonlight, a stream of clouds on the crest always trails off in the wind. From the summit, You can see Besakih Mother temple, Mount Rinjani on Lombok to the east, Singaraja, and the whole north coast. The lower portions of the mountain are heavily forested, and farmed up to about 1000 meters.

Between July and October the fit and adventuresome can attempt the ascent of Gunung Agung. It’s exhausting, and can be downright dangerous. Climbers have become lost, never to be found. It’s recommended to accommpany with a guide and bring a flash light, water, warm clothes and trail food. because of the sharp grass, long pants is also a good idea, good hiking shoes with nonslip soles are the must for the final steep scramble over loose scree to the summit. The must popular route begins on the trail to the right of Besakih temple, still a difficult six-km climb to the Agung ‘s usually cloud peak.  After climbing about 1,5 km pass some houses, you come upon a meru temple at about 1,200 meters, where it’s possibly to have some rest. From this point on,your trek will vary from thick vegetation to rubbly volcanic debris to an icy summit ridge.

Another well-worn route starts above the small 900 meter high village of sebudi { Pasar Agung temple } on the southern slopes of Mount Agung, about 2,100 meters below the summit.


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  7. […] Mount Agung trekking (ubudtransports.wordpress.com) […]

  8. […] Mount Agung trekking (ubudtransports.wordpress.com) […]

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