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Climbing Mount Agung

Climbing Mount Agung.



Mount Agung is the highest mountain on the island with an altitude of 3142 meter above sea level.The mountain is located in the district Rendang Kab.KarangasemBali.Mount Agung is a strato volcano, the mountain has a very large crater is very deep and sometimes – sometimes release fumes and water vapor. From this mountain Besakih spiky look perfect, but the peak of this mountain elongated and ends in a circular craters and wide. Climbing to the summit of this mountain can be started from the three route that is:

-From the south of the strait through sangkan is kuasa village.

-From the east is from Budakeling village

-From the Southwest which is a route commonly used by hikers, from Pura Besakih.

Climbing from Besakih Route


Mount Agung Trekking


This path is often used climbers, in addition to passing the famous Besakih temple complex, we will see a very impressive scenery along the journey. Along this path there are no springs, so hikers should bring plenty of water supplies.

Toward the last frontier in fact there are springs which sanctified by society, but should not be just anyone to go there.

There is no special post for the climbers, but the climbers are required to report himself at the police station at the gate of Pura Besakih and also highly recommend to invite the local tour guide during the trip so climbers get enough information during the ascent. We can also stay overnight at the police station if benighted on the way down the mountain. Not much information can be obtained from the officer (police) on the mountain, except the records of accidents that occurred on Mt. To be safe you should climbers stop at the temple to pray, abstinence for climbers not to bring beef in any form. At the moment there is a big ceremony climbers usually forbidden to rise because according to the trust and experience of local people usually frequent accidents when there is a big ceremony.

Climbing to the summit of this majestic mountain will pass through places of worship of Bali, so for the climbers will climb to find that when religious ceremonies are advised to postpone the ascent to respect the religious rituals. Besides, what a narrow path through which when met by a convoy of people who want to hold a ceremony on the mountain, the climbers to reach and very disturbing the way they are carrying a variety of offerings.

They carry a variety of offerings of goats live one, they quickly walked to the top of the mountain, while we were walking behind them so as not to interfere with their journey. Earlier we asked permission to the master of ceremonies was to climb to the top.

Mount Agung Trekking

The journey begins from the temple via Puseh temple to Plawangan temple and Telaga mas  temple then proceed to tirta basis until the limit of the last forest or forest called pengubengan. Passing through the temple complex neat streets, then we enter a slightly sloping forest area of about 1 / 2 hours, the rest of the path continues to climb.

Narrow the path to the left side of the ravine right, this pathway consists of soil mixed with sand and gravel so it is very slippery when wet path going to get worse. There are lots of steep climbs through tree roots to hold on using root.

In this forest path so narrow that when met with the other climbers had to step aside, is also almost no place large enough to open the tent. That is why the climber is very disturbing that people are being held a ceremony on the mountain. Towards the end of the forest boundary line of sand is very slick and easy to degenerate.

Camp can be done at an altitude of 2500 meters or after 5 hours of climbing through the forest. Here are the final borders of forests and trails are somewhat relieved and a little open place. There are many monkeys are shy, they follow the climber but did not dare to approach, in contrast with the monkeys on Mount Rinjani is very brave and disturbing climbers. In the daytime looks monkeys playing on the slopes are very steep. we continue to climb for 3 hours until the top of the crater Mount Agung southeast.

The next path in the form of steep cliffs with large stones, climbers have to crawl and climb this cliff, climbers must find their own side of the cliff where a comfortable climb. In addition to very steep also very dangerous because underneath large rocks ready to welcome us when to slip down, could-be climbers will roll into a deeper abyss.

After successfully climbing the cliff, though without rock climbing equipment, we will be greeted by steep and barren slopes. Here climbers had to crawl upward climb since keterjalannya very steep. Climbers will not be fooled as if this is where the majestic mountain peaks, after a struggle to climb this cliff climbers will be disappointed because when you reach the top of the cliff loomed high sand dunes and rocks are much higher and more dangerous.

The highest peak located in the southwest, which is a barren, rocky hills of volcanic rock which is tapered. To reach the crater of Mount Agung we pass several mountain peaks and sandy paths are very narrow and elongated. This path is very steep and dangerous, especially if there are high winds and storms will be more dangerous to climbers. Wide circular crater majestic mountains and very steep outer side, and perpendicular steepness on the inner side of the crater. Each year the ceremony was held with the offerings of buffalo plunged into the crater through the strait line (south side), because it is impossible to Besakih through.Hikers can walk along the side of the crater to get to the other route.

From the top of Mount Agung we can see the summit of Mount Rinjani in Lombok, although both mountains are covered with clouds as the two mountain peaks above the clouds. The morning air is still clean, so we can see other mountains on the island of Bali, mid-morning peak of Mount Agung and the body enveloped in a cloud all day.

Reach the summit of sacred Mount Agung becomes a matter of pride and will be more meaningful if accompanied by more self-reflection, meditation, or prayer, in addition to views of the island of Bali is very beautiful from the mountain top.

The success of reaching the summit of Mount noble does not mean that our journey has ended, because the peak of Mount Agung down even more dangerous than the climb, stamina and spirit of climbers usually have decreased and we must continue to concentrate fully.

Sometimes climbers became dizzy and terrified when down the mountain peak is very steep and dangerous, because looking down the tree unhindered view of the very deep ravine. For that do not leave your friends walk in together in close quarters, increase solidarity that can be entertaining and inspiring each other.


3 Responses

  1. Mount Agung is the sacred volcano in Bali and it is the highest point on Bali island, during the ceremony at Besakih temple is not allowed to climb Mount Agung and also is not allowed to bring all material are made from cow to bring up to the volcano

  2. it looks dangerous but exciting like Himalayan treks.awsome blog.

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